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Grant Research

Our grant professionals are skilled in locating grant opportunities for your nonprofit or municipal projects. With memberships to several key organizations and access to multiple platforms, our professionals are capable of finding the funding opportunities you need. We offer grant research services at varying rates depending on the scope and duration of the research. Contact us today for a free consultation on your project ideas, where we will provide you with honest feedback on the feasibility of finding grant funding for your situation. 

What you can expect:

The cost of the grant research is a flat fee of $500. Our associates will locate any grant funding available for your project, and provide you with an analyzed report. That report will identify the eligible grant programs available for your project purpose and will include a professional assessment of each program's viability for funding your goals, and your organization's likelihood of winning the grant funds. This report will be provided to your organization no later than three weeks after agreements are signed. Click here for a basic example of our research analysis.

Grant Proposal Writing

Our grant professionals are skilled in the grant applications process and will provide you with exceptional service. Whether you have already identified a grant program, you wish to apply for, or if you've used our services to locate available grants, we are ready to assist you in every way that we can.

What you can expect:

After signing a service agreement authorizing us to work on behalf of your organization in achieving your particular grant, our grant writers will take on the responsibility of completing your grant application. The cost of grant writing services varies due to the diverse nature of grant requirements. The fee will be a flat rate based on expected time to completion and will be negotiated as part of the service agreement. Amounts can range from $500 to $3000, with most applications being around $1500. This service includes writing any required narratives that provide grant reviewers with an accurate picture of your goals, and how they meet the criteria of the grant program, as well as, filling out other portions of the application process. Our professionals will keep in contact with your organization, and assist your organization with other associated aspects of the grant application process such as creating SAMS accounts and applying for DUNS numbers. 

Grant Proposal Review

Perhaps you have already written your grant proposal, and want it reviewed for accuracy and efficiency. Our grant professionals can serve as your reviewer, offering professional and experienced feedback. In the highly competitive market of grant funding, small errors and missed priorities can mean the difference between success and failure. Ask us for a quote for reviewing your proposal today!


Does your organization rely on grant funding, or does someone on your team fill multiple roles to cover as the organization's grant writer? We can offer you affordable retainer services catered to your needs. Perhaps you want to be kept up to date on funding opportunities suited to your organization? Working with you, we can develop a retainer contract to complete recurring grant research at intervals of your request. Maybe your organization uses a particular funding source annually, we can work with you to ensure that each year your company's competitive application is submitted on time. Contact us with any inquiries regarding retainer services.